Live user view


The TaskAdept Timer provides a real-time view of the work being carried out using your web-application.  With a single click the Timer can show the user who else is working on their project and which case they are working on.  When the web-application permits, a second click can take them to any of the listed cases.

Use this feature to quickly find a case to provide training or assistance to another user.

Case history view


The TaskAdept Timer maintains a history of all the tasks carried out by a user.  The history view shows the user which cases they have worked on and when they last visited them.  When the web-application permits, a single click can take them to any of the listed cases.

Use this feature to quickly return to a case recently worked on.

Task history view


The TaskAdept Timer records every time a case is viewed by a user even when the case is not updated.  The Task history view shows the user all the tasks carried out on the case that they are working showing when the case was worked on, what task was performed and who carried out the work.

Use this feature to get a complete picture of who worked on a case and for how long even if they did not update the system.

Processing alerts

The Timer can be configured to alert your users to special processing or validation that they need to carry out when this is not enforced by your application.  For example, if the word “confidential” appears in a particular field, remind the user to remove name and address details.

Filters and navigation shortcuts

These are some of the more experimental features of the TaskAdept Timer.

Filters hide unwanted information from the screen so that your users can see exactly what they need.  For example, a list that shows the oldest entries first could be filtered to remove any “in progress” cases so that only the new case are shown.

Navigation shortcuts streamline the processing paths of your application.  For example, because the Timer has gathered case information, it can often navigate directly to a case, avoiding the necessity to search each time.

Filters and shortcuts are not possible for every web-application but when they can be implemented they can often provide a dramatic efficiency gain.