The workflow
intelligence platform

Take control of your workflow

Make smarter decisions, boost productivity and improve accuracy

The Carina workflow intelligence platform helps you to understand your workflow. It works with your existing applications to gather all the information you need to make evidence-based decisions.

Know what happens, when it happens

Automatically collate and classify the work your team is doing

Carina tells you what happened and when at every stage of the workflow process.  Capture the resource usage for every task for total visibility and accountability.  Follow each process from start to finish for a complete understanding of resource usage throughout.

Get a clear picture so that you can build on your success

Be alert to change so that you can use your resources efficiently

With Carina, you can baseline your existing processes so that the true impact of change can be understood. Any data from your workflow can be gathered and collated to provide you with all the metrics you require to understand your key processes.

Automate to boost productivity

Concentrate on what is really important by streamlining repetitive processes

The Carina platform automates mundane searching and clicking to get your team to the information they need.  Let them concentrate on getting the job done instead of navigating the system.  


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Carina is the solution you need to bring more efficiency to your workflow