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EthicsGen - IOP

IOP Publishing adopts EthicsGen
for free online
ethics statement generation

IOP Publishing (IOPP) has partnered with TaskAdept, a leader in improving publication ethics by driving forward standards of ethics and data statements with a free online ethics statement generation tool: EthicsGen

Workflow Assist

Improve job quality, speed and accuracy


Reduce time spent checking submissions by up to 50%


Increase accuracy and improve user experience


Fully scripted processing means you never miss a step

Task Tracking

Take control of your workflow

Know what happens, when it happens

Automatically collate and classify the work your team is doing

Work more effectively

Release your team from the burden of manual time-tracking

Gain a deeper insight

See the big picture and understand the detail


Help authors generate submission statements

Lead authors through the process

Capture all the required information everytime

Speed up editorial review

Receive well-form statements with everything in the right place

Customize for your journal statements

Ethics, funding, conflict of interest, etc.


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